Where Your Money Goes When You Buy an SEO Campaign

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If you’re responsible for your business’s marketing budget, you’re likely looking at whether to include SEO services. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to decide if it’s worth it to buy an SEO package. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, can pay serious dividends for your business. The right strategy can get you in front of new eyes and bring in curious people ready to buy. The wrong one can leave you twiddling your thumbs, waiting for results that never come, or even lower your site’s overall rankings.

So what goes into a quality SEO campaign? Let’s get into it! 

What To Expect From Your SEO Strategy

While a lot of small business owners opt to handle SEO themselves, letting an expert handle it for you can free up valuable time. Each agency will be slightly different in what it offers, but here’s the rundown on the basics:

Content Marketing‌

Content marketing imageContent creation and marketing are the heart of corporate SEO services. Good content helps you rank better with Google’s algorithm and cement you as an expert in the eyes of potential customers. Plus, quality pieces of content help you build a dedicated, engaged audience around your brand. 

Trying to game the system with a keyword-heavy page just doesn’t cut it these days. Google’s web crawlers are constantly getting better at separating the good from the bad and will reward content that actually helps people by boosting its rank. 

An enterprise SEO agency will include content creation tailored to your business, field, and overall goals as part of its package. Most content marketing will include some combination of the following, depending on your business:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Images
  • Social media posts

If it can be optimized for SEO, we believe it should be part of the campaign and be created for you regularly.

On- and Off-Page SEO Services

While on-page and off-page services can each be helpful by themselves, optimizing both is what will get you noticed. And a good agency will have experience with each!

On-page SEO optimizes your site for all the things you can control, like the elements on your page that affect its ranking in Google. This includes keywords, meta tags, and image alt tags, plus other elements like link building to increase authority and good page layout. 

Your package should also handle off-page SEO, which builds links back to your site from other pages. This also involves optimizing your social channels and securing mentions in the media if possible. 

Technical Strategy‌

Optimizing your site’s SEO means knowing the nuts and bolts of search algorithms. A good agency will have people working on your campaign who understand how Google works and can build your marketing around that knowledge. 

This will involve the parts of your page that people don’t see, like how well it’s optimized for mobile devices or how fast it runs. This part of the campaign will also involve upkeep like repairing any broken links. 

Trend Monitoring‌

It’s important not to rely on the same stale SEO strategies over and over again. Search algorithms and technical specs are always changing, and your optimizations have to change with it. 

At Motoza, we include monitoring the industry for the latest trends and finding ways to make those trends work for your business. If you’re not getting continuous support, you’re not getting your money’s worth. 

Local Search Optimization‌

Local search optimization isn’t something every business needs, but it can help enormously for small and large businesses alike. It’s critical to build your site and business listing so it will show up in Google’s “near me” searches. 

This can include optimizing your Google My Business listing, encouraging customers to leave reviews, and more. As of 2019, 46% of all Google searches were for local information. That’s a huge chunk of people you can’t afford to leave behind, even if you’re an international business or chain. 

We also build in local keywords and complete your business listings on platforms other than Google, like Yellow Pages and Bing. 

Data Reporting‌

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why every SEO strategy worth its salt will collect data and check it against the targets you set at the beginning of your campaign. 

Some essential data points to look at include:Digital Marketing reporting & data

  • Search visibility 
  • Keyword rankings 
  • Conversions 
  • Website traffic
  • Link building 
  • Content performance (likes, shares, engagement, etc.)

How these factors perform will often reveal patterns that point to what’s working and what isn’t. We regularly monitor these metrics in monthly reports and point out any important changes (in case you don’t want to read the whole thing).

Company Analysis‌

Before drafting your strategy, an SEO agency should perform an analysis of your company to see where you stand. Each business will have different needs, and it’s important to assess them and tailor a solution instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach. 

At Motoza, for instance, we take a look at: 

  • Customer behavior: How many visitors is your site getting, how long are they staying, and what can be done to market to them more effectively?
  • Technical analysis: A website SEO audit to uncover any technical issues that hurt your ranking.
  • Content analysis: Study of the content in your industry or niche and how your site compares. This is to ensure you’re creating content for the right audience. 
  • Current plan analysis: An examination of anything you’re already doing to try to market your business to see how it can be improved & integrated into a new strategy.

An SEO specialist will be able to see the holes in your strategy you didn’t even know were there, and identify areas where you can expand. Part of an SEO agency’s price tag is related to their years of specialized experience, and the ROI on a good strategy is invaluable.

Your package should also include help with creating cohesive branding material like logos and site design, if needed. If you don’t have an in-house designer, this is yet another benefit of hiring professionals to handle your SEO.

Take the Next Step‌

Now that you know exactly what you’re getting, hopefully you feel a little better about investing in a good SEO plan. Motoza provides local and global SEO campaigns for businesses to give them the visibility and growth they deserve.

If you still have questions, please reach out to us. Our experts are always happy to provide a consultation

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