Five Signs Your Organic Search Strategy Isn’t Working: Could an SEO Agency Work?

If, after several months, you’re still struggling to attract attention from qualified leads, your SEO strategy may need tweaking. These signs, in particular, suggest it may be time to get an SEO agency involved:

You Haven’t Set Clear SEO Goals or Tracked Your Progress

It’s impossible to determine whether your SEO works if you’ve failed to establish clear goals closely tied to long-term marketing objectives. They should also be consistent with your company’s vision and core values.

As you begin exploring potential goals for your SEO initiative, don’t hesitate to get specific. Begin with an overarching aim and then add key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you pinpoint successes and challenges. 

For example: if you hope potential customers will come across your brand while using search engines, pay close attention to search visibility. It’s also important to gain in-depth insight into conversions from organic traffic, as this will determine whether your marketing efforts have their intended impact. 

You may need to get an organic SEO company involved. Search engine marketing services can provide the fresh perspective and sense of direction you require.

You’re Too Committed to Tracking Metrics

Some oversight is essential, but it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers to the detriment of your long-term strategy. Some KPIs are outside of your control, while others may not offer accurate insight into the quality of your SEO campaign. Obsess too much over these, and you may second-guess yourself or even abandon strategies that worked well.

Remember: a strong return on investment is one of your top priorities — and this is impossible if you’re too focused on obscure metrics that don’t improve your rankings or conversions. When in doubt, always focus on your targeted SEO goals and the metrics that reflect them. 

Your Organic Traffic Is Suffering a Slow, But Steady Descent

Robust organic traffic should be one of the primary goals of your SEO initiative and is the lifeblood of your digital marketing strategy; without traffic, conversions are unlikely. 

If you look at traffic stats and observe a definite downward swing, something isn’t working. While this trend is one of the most prevalent signs of poor SEO, it is also one of the most difficult to reverse. You may need to refresh your content to get a better response. 

Work with an SEO agency to determine when traffic stats began to change and whether these drops correlate with any shifts in your content or keyword strategy. Don’t forget to look at the competition, as organic traffic can also suffer if competitors suddenly up their game. 

You’re Seen Sudden Drops in Organic Traffic

Traffic will naturally fluctuate over time, but sudden and steep drops should be alarming. Often, this is a sign of cutting corners — indicative of an SEO strategy that will not ultimately stand the test of time.

If, for example, website traffic drops dramatically within 24 hours, search engine algorithms may have caught onto your previously effective shortcuts. This problem is common after purchasing backlinks or engaging black hat SEO tactics

If your organic traffic plunges seemingly out of nowhere, examine your SEO efforts. Are you focused on the long game? Or have you succumbed to shortcuts? Recommit to the tried and tested practices that get results over time.

You’re Too Comfortable With the Status Quo

Consistency is an admirable quality, but it’s not always preferable for SEO. Like it or not, digital marketing is constantly evolving — and strategies that worked wonders for your business a few years ago are almost certainly less relevant today. 

If you’ve gotten too comfy with the status quo, it’s time to take a second look at your SEO strategy. Is it still effective? In all likelihood, you could stand to make a few tweaks. 

Continue to set new goals and track results. A continuous review protocol will help you determine when previous strategies are worth continuing — and when change is necessary.

Level Up Your Marketing With Our Austin SEO Agency

If your SEO strategy isn’t cutting it, all hope is not lost. With complete SEO services, you can turn around your campaign and get the targeted traffic and conversions you need. Our enterprise SEO company Motoza can get you back on track. 

Ready to get started? Request an SEO consultation today.

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