Ways to Enhance Productivity in the Workplace

We spend much of our life at work, and our workplace and colleagues have a huge impact on our work experience and productivity. At Motoza, we pride ourselves in our workplace productivity. Whether we’re working on SEO campaigns, building Paid Search Ads, or meeting with clients, we have some unique ways that we reinforce a productive work environment.


Background Music

You may ask, how can listening to music increase productivity? Is it not distracting? Well, no it is quite the opposite actually. It is proven that listening to happy, upbeat background music while working can improve your mood, make you feel calmer, and help you focus, thus, increasing your overall productivity. All of us here at Motoza, can say this is 100% accurate. Everyday we listen to background music while we work. Whether we’re listening to Smooth Jazz, Russian Pop, or Tom Petty’s greatest hits, we are always listening to music. Music helps us stay focused, and it adds a unique quality to our work experience. If you’ve never tried listening to background music while you work, you should try it out!


Task Management Tool

Its common for businesses have some type of task management tool. These allow you to prioritize your workload, schedule and assign tasks, and keep up with what has and what needs to be done. Because we have so many clients, having an effective task management tool is essential to our productivity. Our tool we use here at Motoza, is one that was created by our very own, Carlos Crespo. Our tool contains a full list of each of our clients, the work that we have designated to each of their campaigns, calendars, reporting software, etc. Because of this, our whole team is able to stay on track, and communicate with each other to ensure quality work for each and every one of our clients.



Communication is key to productivity in the workplace. Without constant communication with your colleagues, tasks and projects can easily fall through the cracks. Luckily for us at Motoza, we have an open office space, so we are constantly communicating with each other. Whether we’re communicating about a new client, about a client’s campaign, or another Google algorithm change, each and every one of us is always in the loop and knows exactly what everyone is working on. Having constant communication in our office, keeps us all highly productive and helps ensure quality work to our clients.


Positive Work Environment

Since we spend the majority of our days at work, having a positive work environment is essential to the success of a company. It is proven that companies that have a work culture where their employees are happy, reflects their work, their productivity, and the way they interact with each other. At Motoza, we have an extremely positive work environment. Each of our team members are supportive of one another, always have a smile on their face, and encourage each other in everything we do. I can say personally, that I enjoy coming to work every day, and a huge part of that is because of the positivity of our Motoza team.


Work Hard/ Play Hard

Some people believe the workplace is purely a place of work, and not a whole lot more. Believe it or not, promoting fun at work can actually increase productivity and engagement. At Motoza, we believe in “work hard, play hard”. We are constantly working hard on campaigns and projects for our clients, but who said we can’t have fun while we do it? We like to “spice” things up sometimes by having fun days at work. For instance, on Fat Tuesday, we all came to work wearing beads and masks. We still worked as much as we would have on any normal day, but we made it more fun by dressing up for Mardi Gras! Another example of how we “work hard, play hard”, is our team outings. A couple times a month, as a team we will all go out to lunch, and play a couple intense games of Smash Brothers to reward ourselves for all of the hard work we do. Having fun days, and team bonding activities like this helps keep the office fun, thus keeping up our productivity.


Overall, maintaining and enhancing productivity in the workplace depends highly on our experiences we have in the workplace. Surrounding yourself with positive colleagues, and a positive work environment helps increase productivity and makes work fun. At Motoza, we have our unique ways that contribute to our overall productivity, and we encourage you to try them out!

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