The rise of mobile app usage has revolutionized our personal and business lives. With every app popping up these days looking to disrupt conventional ways of doing practically anything, competition has quickly reached levels where the majority of apps produced these days will never get any sort of noticeable adoption. Naturally, advertising and promoting your app has become a vital component of your marketing mix. 

Google Ads capitalizes on its massive ad network to incorporate smart advertising geared specifically towards mobile apps.

Universal App Campaigns allow you to promote your iOS or Android app across all of Google’s platforms, including search, Youtube, Google Play and more. Using smart targeting, Google Ad’s platform uses hundreds of real-time metrics to best determine where to show your mobile app – based on goals you set up (ex. Target cost per acquisition or target return on ad spend). 

The beauty of Google’s focus on mobile advertising is that while you can simply promote your mobile app via clicks & impressions, you can also advertise with  ‘click to install’ – allowing you more rapid, targeting installations of your mobile app. This allows for widespread exposure on a variety of different mediums, directly promoting interaction with your app. 

Of course, if you’d rather focus directly on iOS/Apple Store advertising – you always have the option of Apple Search Ads (which we’d be happy to manage for you!). Or if you’re interested in learning about how to monetize your mobile app by running in-app ads? Learn more about Google Ad Mob,

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