5 Ways Internships Benefit College Students

As a senior in college, I have learned a lot throughout my past 4 of being a student. Out of everything I learned as a student, I gained the most knowledge and experience as an intern at Motoza. Having an internship as a college student can be beneficial in many ways.


Resume Builder

As a college student, the importance of a strong resume has been drilled in my head throughout my whole college career. I’ve been taught that without a solid resume, it can be more difficult to find the position you are looking for. So what is the best way to build your resume while still going to school full-time? The answer to that is an internship. Internships are the key to gaining experience as a student, while still going to school full-time. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internship and work experience, rather than someone with a basic resume.


Time Management

Time management is vital in every circumstance in the professional world. Whether you’re finishing project deadlines, attending meetings, or helping your coworkers out, being able to handle multiple responsibilities at once is important to your future career. As an intern, I have become a master at time management. My internship has taught me how to organize and prioritize my projects in both school and work. Because of this, I am confident that I will be able to handle any responsibilities that come my way in my future career.



Having a business professional to look up to and learn from can benefit students a lot in preparing for a professional career. As a student, I have always looked up to my professors as my mentors, however, my internship at Motoza has opened up a whole new door of mentors for me. Not only do I have my supervisor to look up to, but I also have my other coworkers to learn from as well. From learning about how they network, how they manage their work-life balance, and just learning from their overall career experiences, having a team of professional to look up to has taught me a lot in how to succeed in my future career. Throughout my internship, I have had the opportunity to learn something new from every employee, and I know that I will carry everything I have learned with me throughout my future.


Real world experience

Joining a company as an intern gives students the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment. Internships help by teaching you the career path in which you are pursuing. My internship at Motoza has not only helped me gain real world experience, but it has also helped me practice what I am learning in my classes. Going to class and learning about SEO, then coming to my internship the next day and actually being able to apply it, has made me feel like more of an expert than ever before.


Career Foundation

As a Public Relations major, there are many career fields that I could go into. Before I started my internship, I wasn’t confident as to what I wanted to do for my future career. I had learned about SEO in my classes, but I didn’t know what the day to day responsibilities were in the actual field, let alone if it was even something I wanted to do. My internship taught me the ins and out of SEO and has given me the opportunity to get my foot in the door in the SEO world. Because of my internship, I am confident in my decision to go into SEO whenever I graduate. If it wasn’t for my internship, I probably would still be contemplating as to what to do with my future career.


Internships can be very beneficial to college students. It’s one thing to learn something in a classroom, but it’s a whole other world whenever you actually go and apply it. Internships offer students the opportunity to gain real world experiences and build themselves as business professionals. I can honestly say from my personal experience, the most I have learned throughout my whole college career has been from my internship. Internships are great tools to improve your chances as a job applicant and make you an overall better employee.

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