Over the past few years, from the early days of the internet, businesses have slowly began to adopt the internet as a secure way of gaining more exposure and business. For the most part, the simplest and most effective way of doing that is by creating a website. Suddenly, everyone who had a basic knowledge of computers and the internet became website designers, offering their services to individuals and businesses alike. With the advent of FREE content management systems (ex. WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla), the need for businesses to hire overpriced (and often under-qualified) web designers to build complete sites from scratch became obsolete. Business nowadays can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, if they hire a develop (or develop themselves) a website based out of a popular content management system. Here’s why:

Saves time in Developing – A content management system works the like the framework of a automobile. The structure, wheels and overall layout is built for you, you simply take that structure and turn it into a full blown website. All the time that it would take a developer to write code that will pretty much mimic the functionality of what’s already created is saved. Developers who specialize in specific content management systems, spend the majority of their time working on the design (look) and extra functionality that your site needs, rather than the basics. This saves the developer time, and therefore money for you.

Easier to find another developer – If, for any unfortunate reason, you find yourself having to look for another developer, it’s usually much easier to find a qualified candidate if you’re working with a specific CMS. Since more management systems are open-source, this means their frameworks are generally well known to people. This way, a new developer is already familiar with the basic functionality of your site, and can therefore get in there much quicker. For websites using proprietary systems, it may take hours and hours for a developer to fully understand what he or she is dealing with, which can cost you lots of money before any actual work is done.

You can update it yourself – The main benefit of using an content management system is your ability to easily modify content on the website to fit your needs. Similar to a word processor, the ability to go into a page, and change an image, or a block of Text, or even add new pages is very simple to do. As a result, you don’t need to be bugging your web developer any time you need to make a minor change, and therefore not have to pay them on an hourly basis to make these changes.

Content Management Systems are a revolution in web design opportunities for businesses. While you may still need to higher a developer to design the site for you, they can save you so much time and money they’re worth looking into.

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