small business roundup
This week’s small business news review found that new premium rate requests are shocking small biz owners, the latest jobs report may indicate improvement, protecting personal assets should start early, small businesses have access to capital concerns, and one company’s effort to broaden its marketing.

  • Small Biz Access to Capital
    Where are small biz owners finding capital these days? Is access to capital still providing a stumbling block to growth? For those struggling to find money, what are the impacts on business? Check out this infographic, which provides some quick answers to those questions.
  • Protecting Personal Wealth From Business Liabilities
    As small business owners build personal wealth, asset protection becomes a challenge. Liability insurance and asset protection plans provide some protection but, from a legal standpoint, there are conditions that still put personal assets at risk. There are some fundamental practices every entrepreneur should follow to protect personal assets from business risks.
  • Potential Insurance Costs a Big Concern
    Small biz owners are anxiously awaiting new rate quotes from insurers once the Affordable Care Act kicks in next year. Many have withheld hiring, investment, etc. Concerns range from being able to offer coverage to all workers to whether available coverage will be adequate.
  • Economy Improving?
    The jobless rate fell to its lowest level in five years, according to Friday’s jobs report. Economists were looking for an increase. Are the latest results a sign that the US economy is continuing to steadily grow?
  • Pay Raise for Tattoos
    In an effort to broaden its branding, one realty company is offering a unique way to increase exposure. So far, 40 employees have signed up for it.

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