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This week’s small business news review found that Wix will now offer Google apps, a new report on small business ownership, a government “oversight” in making payments to small contractors, new ways to recruit talent, and the status of a subscription-based razor blade company after one year.

  • Help Wanted 21st Century Style
    Recruiting talent has flip-flopped with the adoption of social media, notably LinkedIn. Now, instead of putting an ad out and waiting for responses, small biz owners comb social sites first to find viable candidates. From executive level to front line workers, employees are being aggressively courted through technology.
  • US Gov’t Short-Changing Small Businesses?
    Small businesses that contract with the federal government have been missing out on fees due to them from the General Services Agency. Now the agency owes over $3MM as a result of incorrect cancellation fees.                                
  • What Makes Small Businesses Thrive?
    If you think entrepreneurs go into business for themselves for the money, you’d be wrong. Emyth’s 2013 State of the Business Owner report reveals the primary motivator for self-employment and some myths behind the way small biz owners grow and thrive against larger competitors.         
  • Wix Becomes Google Reseller
    The free website builder, widely used by small business owners, will begin offering low-cost Google cloud apps. Entrepreneurs with a Wix website can upgrade social media capabilities, chat functions, file management, and more.
  • Cheeky Entrepreneur
    What started as a wise-cracking video about a monthly razor blade subscription has turned into a 10-million-view juggernaut that has attracted almost $10 million in venture funding. The Dollar Shave Club opened with 12,000 orders in its first 48 hours and now employs 24 people.

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