This week’s small business news review found the federal government short of its small biz contracting goal, local breweries are reviving dead neighborhoods, a new gadget that can save time while dining, small biz advice from tech leaders, and why social media should be used by small business owners.

  • Raise Your Glass for Brewers
    Trying to create a small business hub in your town? Make sure there is a local brewer nearby. Beer crafters have been taking over abandoned buildings all over the US. The result is a resurrection in neighborhoods. But can local brewers continue to thrive in the face of rising real estate costs?
  • US Fed Misses Small Biz Goal
    The federal government fell short of its small business contracting mark in 2012, marking the seventh year in a row this has happened. “There’s fewer dollars available out there,” according to SBA associate administrator John Shoraka. Is the government just paying lip service to small biz?
  • No More “Check, Please”?
    Restaurant patrons may no longer have to wait for servers to drop the check. A Washington-based startup has developed a gadget that will display your bill, calculate tips, and swipe payments. You can even split the check.                        
  • Small Biz Ideas From Tech Giants
    Some of the biggest names in technology-related companies provided insight and suggestions to a large crowd of small business owners during the National Small Business Week in June. One key takeaway: don’t respond immediately to poor online reviews.
  • 52% of Marketers Getting Leads Through Social (Video)
    Social media has been long established as a way for individuals to connect. Businesses are finding ways to leverage social media in their marketing campaigns. IF you’re not using social, you’re missing out, say experts. Businesses with limited resources can make a low-cost social campaign go a long way.

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