This week’s small business news review found job applicants are losing out because of social media, a set of books that every entrepreneur should read, website help for small biz owners, a movement in Congress to address the impending health insurance tax, and a food idea that could revolutionize eating.

  • The New Meal?(video)
    One entrepreneur is trying to create a new food category. – food substitute. Computer engineer Rob Rhinehart developed Soylent, a nutrient-fused powder set to change the way people eat.
  • HIT is Worrisome to Congress
    Congress is considering a repeal of the health insurance tax (HIT) set to hit insurers next year. Members fear the added cost may be passed on to small biz owners. A handful of small business lobbyists are working to introduce tweaks that may make the law less painful.                              
  • Small Biz Book Club
    For you entrepreneurs that like to read. Here is a selection of 10 books that expose how organizations really work. Look for other recommendations in the Comments feed.
  • Need to Build a Website?
    Nearly 50% of entrepreneurs don’t have a web presence. Who can blame them, right? Small biz owners are often responsible for creating a website themselves, and many feel intimidated by the prospect of BYO website development. Here is one blogger’s list of 20+ ways small biz owners can build their own sites.
  • Social Media Sabotage
    Job applicants are shooting themselves in the foot every time they post a crazy drunk picture on Facebook. A survey by CareerBuilder shows that 43% of hiring managers found stuff that led them to deny an applicant. Are you using social media to check on job applicants?

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