seo questionsIt’s too often that we run into a disgruntled company or individual who has been ‘burned’ by their previous SEO company. It’s the unfortunate side effect of having a virtual service that can be offered by any person or organization with little to no experience.

For the most part, most prospective clients tell us that they ended up spending thousands of dollars over the course of a few months to a company that kept ‘promising results’ without actually producing any. When we ask for the specifics of what the company did for them, we’re usually surprised to hear that the client had no idea. This is a big problem we find with most SEO companies; their insistence in being vague about their processes and refusing to disclose their ‘secrets’ to their clients. Don’t let your SEO company fool you into spending unneeded funds and time with them, here’s why you should force them to ‘open up’:

Proper disclosure = better understanding. The fact is, that as a customer, you need to be able to understand why and what you’re paying for. This allows you to build a better relationship with your service provider, and give you better insight as to how your business is performing. While you may not need to know the technical details to everything that’s done for you, you should at least know why and how it works.

They should have nothing to hide. For the most part, the SEO industry has no ‘magic secrets’, so if an SEO company tells you that they can’t release ‘proprietary information’ to you, fire them right now. The service you pay for should be designed to benefit you and get you closer to your goal of reaching more people and gaining more sales. If a company is refusing to disclose exactly what they’re doing for you, chances are they’re using antiquated or prohibited methods, or simply don’t have a full understanding of what they’re doing for you. No SEO company should have anything to hide.

Collaboration between client and agency is crucial! The fact is, that good SEO campaigns should be customized for each client. This means tweaking and organizing the campaign for different industries, objectives, and locations. If your SEO agency is working ‘behind closed doors’, that chances of them taking in your feedback and implementing things that are important to your goals are slim. Proper communication between you and your SEO agencies will ensure that you’re both well informed and working together to reach your goals.

Every SEO company should be 100% transparent about their methodology and workflow. The benefits you gain from a great SEO firm is not in their tactics, but in the strategy and professionalism in which they implement. If you’re company refused to acknowledge your questions, it’s time to move on to someone new.

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