Each week, Motoza will be sharing interesting, creative, and entertaining infographics that we happen to come across when we’re researching, or wasting time in our own nerdy kind of way. It seems like everyone is doing infographics these days, some simply to gain some links to their site, others for fun, and others because they really think their infographic can add value to their industry. Sharing is caring, so here’s this week’s outstanding infographic.

Luna Metric’s “Ultimate Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet”.

While not a traditional infographic in the sense that it’s ‘funny’ or tells a story in a clever way, this diagrams helps bring together a questions that almost every internet marketer has asked at what point, ‘what dimensions do I need to add this profile image into facebook/twitter/google+” etc etc. It’s an all-encompassing guide to every dimension, text limit and attribute you need when optimizing your social media accounts. Covering Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and even Pinterest, I’m surprised we haven’t seen this before. Bravo LunaMetrics, you just shaved off a few minutes of my schedule the next time I forget the dimensions of a Facebook cover image!

LunaMetrics created an awesome social media optimization infographic that helps know the sizes and text limits of each platform.

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