google_adwords_tipsGoogle Adwords has leveled the playing field for small businesses like yours. But despite the impact Adwords can have on your sales, simply posting ads doesn’t guarantee an effective paid ad campaign. Here are some ways to improve ROI for your Adwords campaign.

Enable Adwords Sitelinks

If you want to provide site visitors with the ability to land on specific pages rather than route all click- throughs to your home page, use the Sitelinks feature to display landing pages for more options. Sitelinks will display up to four webpages under the main link. Google estimates that advertisers see a 30% increase in click through rate (CTR) with Sitelinks.

Optimize Ad Text

By including keywords in your ad text, your ad’s relevance within searches will improve. Ideally, the landing pages should be the most relevant pages to the search. Keywords appear in bold text, indicating the relevance of your site pages. Use the Google keyword tool to select keywords and phrases that are relevant, but don’t forget to choose some less competitive terms to improve niche search results.

Use Negative Keywords

Some keywords will drag your response rate down and raise your cost-per-click (CPC). Research negative keywords and include terms that may attract poor leads. For example, terms such as “international” or “global” may not be appropriate for a small business with a limited market geography. When a negative keyword is included in your ad group, your ads will not display for search queries using that term.

Pay Attention to Quality Score

Your quality score measures how relevant the ad, landing page, or keyword is to a user’s search query. The quality score affects your CPC and page rank. Google recommends using 10-15 keywords to improve relevance, and it is a good idea to split keywords up among your ads when performing A/B testing.

Use Product Extensions

Adwords will display product images and brief descriptions for visual identification, which can improve the lead quality you get from Adwords listings. Through Google’s Merchant Center, you can select which products to highlight. According to Google, businesses are charged the same CPC for clickthroughs from image links as through text ads.

Use Seller Rating Extensions

Today’s buyers want to see how others rate your company. Adwords will aggregate merchant star ratings from review sites and display your rating within the ad. Google claims that merchants that use the Seller Rating Extension feature achieve a 17% higher CTR than similar ads with no ratings. Star ratings are automatically displayed if your online store is rated in Google Product Search with at least 30 reviews and four or more stars.

Minimize Page Load Time

The time it takes to render your webpage affects your Quality Score so make sure each page used in your Adwords campaign is “clean”. Request your Webmaster to prepare linked pages by optimizing server-side scripting, compressing page size, and dropping Flash animation, so your pages load quickly and are easily viewed. And avoid using interstitial ad pages; they usually only improve your bounce rate.

With the recent announcement of changes that will combine mobile and desktop Adwords campaigns, there will be other adjustments for small businesses to make. Our focus at Motoza is to maximize your small business digital success, so give us a call to discuss the many ways we can improve your Google Addwords campaign.

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