Google is constantly looking to provider their users with the most relevant and current information, regardless of what people are searching for.

Over the past year or so, Google has been updating it’s algorithm with their new Caffeine web indexing system, which allows them to scan the web faster, and provide fresh content for search results. Just this month, they’ve made even more improvements, making searches even more current. News Articles or content that discuss current events pertaining to a user’s search query will appear ahead of older material. Writing about hot topics, such as the Occupy Wallstreet movement, or making articles about recurring events, such as industry tradeshows, are all what Google considers to be more ‘relevant’. So what should you do? Create new content! Focus on what’s important to people in the moment.

In addition to this ‘fresh’ new change, Google has implemented several new tech-based changes to their algorithm. You can check them out here:




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