These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Motoza and our marketing services. If you don’t see your question answered, feel free to shoot us an email, or call us at 1-855-9-MOTOZA and ask away!
Is Motoza online marketing for me?
While online marketing can truly benefit any business that has to rely on the internet for significant growth, for some, it may seem like a scary venture. However, consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to using the internet for anything from looking up a recipe, to purchasing a home, to finding a handyman service. While there’s a lot of fluff and over-promising ‘tactics’ in the marketing business that’s vying for your business, Motoza emphasizes our responsibility to provide trustworthy, ethical, and realistic services to companies who don’t want to risk their online reputation. In SEO, there are no shortcuts, and we believe and hold true to that with every aspect of our culture.
I'm a small business owner, how does Local SEO work for me?

Local SEO is designed to help websites that are associated with businesses that serve a certain geographical location (Ex. Austin, Texas). While traditional SEO may help websites/businesses that are trying to rank Nationally or Globally for broad terms such as ‘Tennis Shoes’, Local SEO is designed for the small business or franchise going for a term such as “Austin Texas Bankruptcy Attorney”. To learn more about our Local SEO campaigns, please visit our Local Marketing page here.

I'm not a small business, I need national exposure and tons of traffic!

Motoza offers national and “traditional” SEO, a form of content marketing and general SEO strategy. Though these campaigns are noticeably more expensive than Local SEO, the results of a consistent SEO campaign can more than satisfy a businesses’ ROI goals. To learn more about our link building services, please see our content marketing page. 

What makes Motoza different from other online marketing companies?
At Motoza, we don’t believe every online campaign is a “one size fits all” campaign; your marketing campaign is custom-tailored to your business needs. We back all our production work with a strong emphasis on personal customer support, making sure you’re getting all your questions and concerns answered at all times.

We also believe in the 80/20 production ratio: approximately 80% of the work we do for you is dedicated to what we know works, with the rest of the 20% reserved towards creative research & development. This means while you’re receiving the highest quality work from Motoza, we are also investing our time in researching new online techniques that will help keep you ahead of your competitors.

How long will it take to get initial results?

Initial results can take anywhere from three months to six months depending on the competition of your business’ target market. However many of our clients see front page listings within the first 3 months. Ultimately higher exposure within search engines means your business increases traffic and revenue from your website.

Why is SEO 'expensive'?

In short proper SEO takes lots of work and expertise to diagnose and determine the next best step for your business. Imagine your website as your store front– when you spend all the efforts into building a store’s appearance your business will consequently need someone to pass out the flyers, post local newspaper ads, and spread the news! While we at Motoza don’t exactly pass out flyers, we spend a fair amount of time getting your business out there and promoting your name and website across the web.

However, with that being said, we are currently offering competitive pricing by using tactics that are appropriate to your marketing needs versus one expensive solution we apply to both clients small and large. Motoza strives to offer services that are truly valuable to your businesses, not just marketing gimmicks.

Why should I use an external SEO company?

Doing SEO properly and safely usually takes a full time commitment and requires a experience in the field to fully optimize your marketing campaign. There are a lot of time consuming and tricky aspects to SEO, so we believe you should spend where your time is most valuable at- Your own business, while we will take care of the rest.


Has any Motoza client been penalized in the search engines?
No. Even through the dramatic effects of Google Panda and Penguin updates, we have never had any clients drop dramatically in rankings, be penalized, or black listed from Google. Whether you are a national client, or only targeting a specific city, we make absolutely sure your website is compliant to Google’s Terms of Service and Webmaster policies.
What if I have multiple businesses and want to promote them as well?

Depending on the number of locations, we can provide special discounts for clients wishing to promote all of their locations with our services.

Do you offer nationwide SEO services?

Yes, Motoza has separate divisions within our team that specialize in both Local SEO for small businesses, and link building and SEO strategy for national and global clients. For more information on our content strategy services, please click here.

Will you make changes to my website?

In most cases Motoza does not make actual content changes to your website, but we do provide comprehensive audits and a recommendations list for your webmaster to refer to. We do not use tactics that make websites look ‘spammy,’ with techniques such as keyword stuffing, content made specifically for SEO, or black hat SEO techniques. These changes, usually done within your code, are made to help move along your SEO campaign and help influence user behavior. Under some circumstances we can provide minor changes to a website but only upon written permission from you.

Will you write content for my website?

For particular clients that are looking for assistance with their blog, or are interested in our guest blogging/content marketing services, we do providing writing services. Our team of writers will brainstorm content ideas, draft copies, and work with you on creating content that you can use on your website and for link building purposes. Learn more about our content marketing services here.

Do you work for Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

No. Motoza is an independent local SEO company with years of experience in helping client’s websites reach the top of the search engine results. No SEO company works FOR Google, Yahoo! or Bing, and those that tell you otherwise are lying!

Didn’t see your question answered? Feel free to shoot us an email, or call us at 1-855-9-MOTOZA and ask away!