Case Studies

Below are the list of published case studies of Motoza’s past and current clients:


Case Study for Organic Ease


Company Profile

Organic Ease, established in 2006, is one of the leading natural health providers of aloe vera pills, designed to reduce and help aid in the relief of digestive disorders such as ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease. Their product is primarily sold online on their e-commerce website.


The Situation

With monthly revenues gradually dropping each month, Organic Ease was struggling to keep their doors open before working with Motoza. With limited manpower and an enormous dependence on internet marketing for their cashflow, Organic Ease was desperately looking for someone to bring their campaign back to life.

Organic Ease was unnecessarily pouring thousands of dollars per month into Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns such as Google Adwords and Microsoft AdCenter. Although more sales resulted through these marketing avenues, the costs were significantly cutting into their net revenue.

Furthermore, Organic Ease’s subsidiary websites, each created to target a specific digestive disease, were poorly laid out and design, making them unappealing and very difficult to navigate for human visitors.

Finally, competitors in the industry increased their online marketing campaigns and had a stronger presence compared to years’ past. Because of Organic Ease’s competitors’ successful online presence, this unfortunately pushed down the search engine positions and severely limited exposure to their primary website and its subsidiary websites in Google. Making things worse, the competitors were progressively destroying Organic Ease’s reputation by posting false rumors and comments around the internet about the quality of their product.



Because of the different problem areas in Organic Ease’s current internet marketing campaign, Motoza had to break down the solution into several parts and tackle them simultaneously. The list below highlights some of the primary focuses of the campaign.

Search Engine Rankings:
Organic Ease’s main website had some traction in the search engine rankings, but its subsidiary websites used to promote individual digestive diseases were relatively unknown on the internet. A vast amount of link, content, and website optimization were performed over the course of several months, resulting in successful increases in traffic and overall sales as detailed in the Results section.

Website redesigns, usability tests and conversion techniques helped drastically lower the monthly cost being spent on PPC campaigns. These have successfully decreased the cost per customer acquisition and increased the number of incoming leads.

Reputation Management:
With so much false information targeted against Organic Ease on the internet by their competitors, Motoza’s goal was to clean up as much of the negatively as possible. Multiple forum and website owners were contacted to take down these postings and any accusations towards the client and their product were answered in a professional manner.

Customer Service:
While Organic Ease’s customer phone support team remained exceptional, other avenues of maintaining their former and current customer base were improved. In addition, their email marketing campaign was revamped and was successful at increasing the number of leads and sales.



In the span of approximately 5 months, Organic Ease was able to accomplish the following:

Organic Ease’s Primary Website:

  • 107% increase in their sales conversion rate.
  • Average value per order increased by over 20%.
  • 78% cost reduction in their monthly PPC spend.
  • Top 10 rankings for highly competitive keywords in the industry.

Organic Ease’s subsidiary website #1:

  • 46% increase in visits.
  • 25% increase in pageviews.
  • 38% increase in average time on site.
  • Top 10 rankings for their niche digestive disorder keywords.

Organic Ease’s subsidiary website #2:

  • 32% increase in visits.
  • 16% increase in pageviews.
  • 10% increase in average time on site.
  • Top 10 rankings for their niche digestive disorder keywords.

From start to finish, all of these factors led to an impressive 50% increase in monthly revenue for Organic Ease!