About Motoza

Motoza is built on the foundation of not only delivering excellent results, but building trusting relationships with our clients and simply doing the right thing. Our team featured below is dedicated to your success!

Andrew Cao – Managing Partner

A little bit about me…I was born and raised a Yankee in Connecticut and about 15 years ago, moved down to Austin where I went to high school and got my Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin. I then found and married the love of my life who continues to be one of my biggest fans and supporters.

I’ve worked at IBM and United Space Alliance, but although I had a knack for programming and technology, my true passion was in the internet. I decided to take a leap of faith and started my own online marketing and advertising business, Cow Networks, which help teach me the ins and outs of business. After that venture, I worked for a SEO company where I was roughly managing $500,000 of annual client spend.

After years in the big corporate world to a small startup environment, I felt it was my calling to run a business once more. The opportunity at helping build Motoza arose and the experience has been phenomenal so far. The challenges and the innovation in this company is what makes it exciting and drives me every day to push my hardest. I’ve been fortunate to have learned so much in my professional career and will continue to use my knowledge to help clients reach their goals!

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Carlos Crespo – Managing Partner

I grew up living and traveling around the UK and Europe before finally settling in Austin, Texas. As a young kid, I picked up on the Internet in the mid 90s, starting a slew of little websites and even offering web design services to local businesses. I ended up going to the University of Texas at Austin, where I got degrees in Public Relations and Radio-TV-Film production.

After exploring different job responsibilities in media and large-scale marketing companies (while looking for my ‘calling’), I decided to pick up my bags, and move to Barcelona, Spain. While there, I eventually got a Masters in Marketing Management from the ESADE Business School. The experience of moving to a new culture, learning new ways to live, and meeting new people is invaluable, and I highly recommend it!

I returned to Austin, Texas after completing my masters and found myself in the perfect opportunity to combine two things that I knew really well: Websites and marketing. I became an account manager for an SEO agency that dealt with small to large businesses, managing roughly $400,000 in annual client spend.

My desire to innovate and provide a superior service than what can be found right now led me to Motoza Marketing. By taking elements that worked and didn’t work from other agencies, we’ve created a system that is not only proven to show results, but is more responsible and accountable than the majority of services provided in the SEO/Internet Marketing world.

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Jonathan Ho – Production Analyst

If I were to sum up my life by a movie it will be “up in the air”, where George Clooney portraits as a traveler who frequently flies for his job, and fires people. I found my life quite similar to the one of his. I have been constantly moving since the age of 3, and have never stayed in the same place for more than 3 years. Well, except I don’t fire people, and I’m not that handsome.

So I graduated from the University of Texas (hook em’) with a degree of Economics, where I got to learn all that supply and demand stuff, and of course, lots of theory and drawing. But my true passion has always lied within the business world, and Austin is a perfect playground for young entrepreneurs like us. At one point during college, within two weeks, I was able to make two month’s part time income by running my own ebay business. Since then I have been learning small things here and there.

I joined Motoza upon my graduation. Although I have been given the opportunities to walk into the corporate world, my heart has always told the opposite. I want to stay at a place and create a system, not the other way around. After meeting with the team from Motoza, I realized there is something unique about them, the trust and integrity of doing businesses. They truly are the best people out there, and always care for whomever around them, not just within Motoza. And I am excited to be part of this team!


Lady – Mascot

You know, it’s not easy being a mascot. I bring my A-game every day and make sure everyone gets their daily morale boost. And, I have to greet the guests as they come to the office. Lots of hard work and social skills involved! But I do love-love-love the Motoza team; the snacks are great, I get to nap whenever I want to…and the snacks are great!