Marketing ROIGathering market intelligence is not a practice area reserved for large corporations only. Analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) is a critical step in maintaining a competitive edge for companies of any size. There is a plethora of tools that mine and report data about your site, your marketing assets, and your online reputation. Many of these tools are free so analyzing performance doesn’t have to lower your bottom line.

Social Media Monitoring

What are others saying about your company and its solutions? There are social media monitoring tools that allow business owners to analyze who’s talking, what they are saying, and how many times they’ve shared your marketing content. “Listening” programs like BoardReader track forum posts to find keywords you select, such as your brand or industry terms. TweetBeep and other Twitter analytics follow feeds searching for mentions about your company or its solutions. You can find tools that track the blogosphere, review sites, or other community-based domains. Social network monitoring is a critical step in preserving your company’s image. After all, a bad review on Yelp, for example, can decimate your business.

Keyword Performance

Which keywords are most effective at bringing buyers your way? The Pew Internet and American Life Project tells us 91% of the adult internet population uses a search engine to find information. Knowing which keywords work in your market can make a significant impact. Tools like SiteOlytics analyze your website performance as it relates to specific keywords. Keyword performance tools are useful for examining your industry, key competitors, etc.

Keyword notification applications such as Google Alerts are designed to search the web and send notifications via RSS feeds that a news item, blog post, or other publication contains keywords or phrases that you specify.

Search Engine Rankings

As mentioned earlier, 91% of adults use search engines to find information; are your pages getting viewed during organic searches? Google Analytics and other SE analytics programs report how visible your web pages or other marketing assets are to your market. Search engine analytics can segment results according to branded (your company or solution) and non-branded (generic terms) traffic. Some tools also report error returns, such as 404 File Not Found, which can indicate page problems.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. Analyzing the effectiveness of an email campaign can lead to improved response rates and higher sales conversions. There are a number of email blast providers that provide analytics for measuring campaign effectiveness.page1image22496 page1image22656 page1image22816 page1image22976

Aweber and other email service companies provide granular analytics that graphically display activity data. You can examine who opened the message, who unsubscribed, how much revenue was generated from specific messages, and other important metrics. You can also segment reporting by various parameters, such as product purchased, email service (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.), and click-through rate.

Lead/Contact Management (B2B Companies)

Customer intelligence is critical to the success of companies competing in the digital marketplace. Knowing about the attributes (such as location, job title, or number of employees) and online behavior (such as downloads from your site) of your prospects and customers allows you to examine if specific leads fit your customer profile and provides opportunities to tailor your marketing approach.

Lead management tools from companies such as Lead Liaison provide metrics such as lead scoring for prospects before they are contacted by your sales agents. Contact management tools like the Sales Cloud analyzer are beneficial when a marketing lead advances to a sales-ready stage or when a prospect becomes a customer.

We’ll be happy to speak with you about the best options available for web analytics and how integration with Motoza’s optimization solutions can boost your company’s performance. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Disclaimer: Motoza does not endorse nor support any of the tools mentioned in this post. The options provided are for example only. We encourage visitors to explore all their options when deciding on web analytics tools. 

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